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Who Else Wants To Earn 100% Until 5 Tier...

You will then see a page like the one shown in the picture below, You can watch the video and then click the big green continue button.

2) The next page is where you can activate the first of the five products that make up the systems money-earning sales funnel. you activate each product by buying it through the system. You will only make money from selling the ones that you activate/purchase yourself (That's how the system works).

For each of the 5 main front end products that you buy you are activated at that level. Each one costs $20 (At the time of writing but the system owners may change the prices).

You do not have to buy any upsells but some are really worth checking out if you are going to use the products that you buy.

If like me you had already purchased one of the products a few months ago not inside the system then you will need to buy it again from inside the system to activate it in your system. (Think of it as you are buying the activation and getting the product free)

Note: To make the most from this system you need to activate by buying all 5 of the products. You could just buy the first one now and then buy the others with the money you make on selling the first one, however, if anyone buys the others before you have it then you will not earn on sales of that product.

Go ahead and purchase the first one. (Upsells are optional - as long as you buy the main front end product, you still make money on sales of upsells if people you introduce buy them)

Click the big red get button to purchase it in a new window then click the green "Click here when done" button to continue.

3) To make money from the Tier 2 product you need to purchase that one too.

It is better to purchase it now if you can to make sure you do not miss out on sales (Imagine someone bought it and all the upsells, you could be missing out on hundreds of dollars of commissions)

Once you have purchased it, click the green click here when done link to move to product 3. If you are not purchasing it now, click the right arrow to skip by it.

4) You know the score, Click the big red get button to buy the next product and then click the green "Click here when done" to move on to the next product.

Rememebr you can skip by it for now but you will be losing out on all sales of this product.

5) & Again for the next product.

6) One last product to buy to fully activate the system, or click to pass it by for now.

7) Awesome, you are nearly done. That is the the products bought to activate the system and now you just need to get your system affiliate link.

Choose a username and click generate. This will give you your affiliate link. Save it because you need that to add in here so people you introduce to the club can join under you and buy from your links.

The last part is to enter your email so that you get a Monster Mode back office.

See the picture below:

8) Great, Now you just need to link your affiliate links for each product that you purchased into the Monster mode System so the click to buy links are your affiliate links for each product.
Login to your new Monster Mode System back office and look for the section as shown in the picture below:

The ones shown in the picture as linked (Green) should be red for you.

9) Click on the top red one and you should see a box open up similar to the one shown below:

10) Click on the link shown on the box in blue to open up Warrior Plus (This is where the sales are processed and your commissions (earnings) are stored until you withdraw them.

In the picture below I have circled the register link as you will need to open a free account there so they can process the payments and hold your commissions for you.

11) Once you have signed up you might have to click that link again to go back to the page for that product. Look out for your affiliate link as shown in the picture below. You may need to click request or get first as shown to grab your link.

12) Grab that link and pop it in the Monster Mode System box and hit "Save My Link" as shown again below.

13) Do that for all the products you purchased and can link. Then your box should show all green as below. (If you purchased all 5)

You can purchase the ones you did not purchase yet here now or return at any time to activate those products so you earn much more from the system.

14) You have now fully set up your Monster Mode System 


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