WP Video Magic Review

What the WP Video Magic Really is?

This Is The Simplest WP S3 & CloudFront Video Plugin!

Watch the demo video below:

WP Video Magic is the first WordPress plugin to make it 1-click simple 

to quickly add Amazon S3 and Cloudfront videos to any blog…

While putting you in full control and giving you all the power to turn your 

blog and videos into high converting sales machines.

WP Video Magic works with both Amazon S3 & CloudFront, giving you 

instant access to some of the cheapest and most powerful video hosting. 

Amazon’s low pricing will make your savings add up very quickly.

WP Video Magic naturally also works with YouTube so you can easily add 

videos to your blogs and start enjoying all the other features… even if you’ve 

never recorded a single video before.

You access to Easy CloudFront Integration and 1-Click CloudFront setup. 

You don’t need any technical skills or experience to get started and you can 

quickly get your first video up even if you’ve never used Amazon for video 

hosting before.

Your videos will be 100% mobile responsive and will play perfectly on 

all types of devices. This means you will get the most out of all your views 

and never lose a potential sale again.


Prices & Up-Sells

Front End – WP Video Magic – $17

– Add Amazon S3 Video To Any Blog
– 1-Click Cloudfront Integration
– Inbuilt HTML5 Video Player
– Zero Ads, Watermarks Or Links
– Save Thousands On Hosting
– Delayed Buttons & Autoplay
– More Leads, Sales & Profit
– Zero Tech Skills Needed
– You Don’t Even Need Your Own Videos

Upsell #1 – WP Optimiser – $27

– Covers 6 Biggest Speed Factors
– 1 Click Diagnostics, Recommendations, Auto Fixes
– Web Connectivity Tests
– Live Hosting Tests
– Live Theme/Plugin Tests
– Auto GFX Optimising
– Database Scrubbing
– Lazy Load Images
– Instantly See What Is Slowing Down Your Site
– Remove Culprit To Increase Speed

Upsell #2 – Viper Cache – $37

– Full Featured Cache
– Stupidly Simple To Use
– Kicks Bandwidth Thieves 
– Makes Your WP Sites Load Even Faster
– Boost Sales, Conversions
– Reduce Your Ad Spend
– Save $1,000s By Lowering Need To Upgrade Hosting Plan
– Built On Super Reliable Cache Technology
– Compatible With 99% Of Themes & Plugins
– Smart Cache Clearing Feature
– Traffic Protection Technology (Blocks Bad Bots & Auto Blocks Hotlinking)
– Compatible With All Major Page Builders

Upsell #3 – WP Smart Links – $37

– First All In One Link Cloaker
– Powerful Smart Bridge Technology
– Allows You To Easily Make More Sales
– Eliminates Risk Of Losing Any Commissions
– Use Your Own Domain
– User Friendly WordPress Plugin
– Manage All Your Links In One Place
– Change Your Links On The Fly
– Completely Eliminate Theft
– Dodge The Spam Filters
– Avoid The Ban Hammer

Upsell #4 – $25k Themes & Plugins Pack – $147

– Over $25k Worth Of Premium Plugins & Themes
– Install On As Many Of Your Own & Clients Sites As You Wish
– Charge Your Clients For Installation, Setup, Service
– Use As Optin Offers To Build Your Email List

Here’s The Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:

  • Big Savings
  • Don’t Need Your Own Videos
  • Easy 1-Click Setup
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Video Player Included
  • Zero Ads & Links
  • Smooth Viewing Experience
  • Delayed Buttons & Links
  • Encrypted & Secure


All of this is covered by a no-questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee!

                        Thank you for reading wp video magic review. Godbless you!


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