Swypio Review

What the Swypio Really is??
“This is the First Ever Brand New Mobile Lead Generation & Engagement Monster - Tap Into The Highly Addictive Nature Of Swiping & Brings Your Business To 2020.”
"Slap A Swipe Card Anywhere, Watch Your Mobile Traffic, Leads, Engagement, Rankings, Time Spent On Site DRAMATICALLY Increase."
This Is A True Internet REVOLUTION, In A Few Clicks.
Prices & Up-Sells

Front End - Swypio: $37 - $47
Access the powerful Swypio software and training modules.

- UNLIMITED Campaigns per month
- UNLIMITED swipe cards per campaign.
- Image embed including GIF
- Embed Swypio cards on any website
- Url redirection or msg display after submission
- Loader page customisation
- 10 ready made campaigns for 10 niches
- 100+ Isometric illustrations
- 1000+ stock images
- 500+ stock videos
- Commercial License for the assets and campaigns

Upsell #1 - Swypio Pro: $67
4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.
-Instead of using Submission form you can use Social buttons, like Facebook, Google, Twitter, if you integrate this, users no need to even type name, email, they can fill swipe funnel on one hand. You will also get verified emails. This will be high converting, reducing the bounce rate even more.
- UNLIMITED Campaigns per month
- UNLIMITED swipe cards per campaign.
- UNLIMITED bandwidth
- Ability to embed videos
- 20 ready made campaigns for 20 niches
- Exclusive Swypio forum: 1st of its kind online forum for users where they can ask and interact with other users and us

Upsell #2 - Coaching: $297
Access to the Swypio Mastermind Community - Work & Engage with like minded entrepreneurs
4 Weeks of coaching with 1 on 1 skype or zoom calls
Video trainings delivered each week which you keep forever
Recordings of your coaching calls.
Completely CUSTOM Tailored Coaching,We Analyze Your Goals & Your Business & Prepare A Plan That’s BEST FOR YOU.
New DONE FOR YOU Affiliate Campaigns Every Month For 12
Straight Months That Include EVERYTHING You Need To Copy Paste Your Profits Including Swipe Cards, Niches, Products, Links, Training, Case Studies & More.

Upsell #3 - Swypio LightWeight: $37
Mobile Page Builder + Mobie Traffic + commercial.
Called Swypio Lightweight
Now that you are FULLY mobile compatible, it’s time to get mobile traffic, and create beautiful, simple, proven and responsive mobile pages!
Swypio Integrates smoothly with Swypio Lightweight pages that run super fast and rank super high.
These pages are very popular and sexy. Mobile traffic will enjoy your swiped business and your full mobile pages.

Upsell #4 - Swypio Agency: $97 - $197
Local Agency, the you have access to be able to add upto 50 sub-users. It comes with a fully designed SEO ready website you can just upload to your host and start marketing as an Swypio marketing agency. You can also resell these 50 accounts and charge 1-time or recurring fee from your clients.

Here's Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:

  • Collect Leads In A Single Swipe & Store Unlimited Leads In Your Dashboard.
  • Become FULLY Mobile Compatible For The First Time Ever.
  • Increase Time On Site Drastically & Get More Rankings, Ad Revenue & Returning Visitors As A Result.
  • 100% Cloud App, Create Campaigns & Swipe Cards From ANYWHERE, ANYTIME
  • Bridge The Gap Between YOU And The 3,500,000,000 Mobile Users That Are USED To Swiping EVERYTHING & Ignore Your Content.
  • CASE STUDY: How We Got 3,304% More LEADS With This
  • Dummy Proof, Anyone Can Create AMAZING, Attractive & Attention Getting Swipe Cards In Minutes
All of this is covered by a 'no-questions asked' 30 day money-back guarantee
Watch The Demo Video Of "Swypio" Below:

Thank you for reading this review & Godbless you!


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