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Quantum Commissions Review

What the Quantum Commissions really is? Quantum Commissions is a simple but effective  Traffic  +  Affiliate Marketing  training that will teach you how to: - Turn $5/day into 60-80 targeted clicks per day - Grow a list of targeted prospects in any niche - Increase sales of affiliate products - Create an effective 2-step funnel - Research the ideal customer of their product - Create a piece of viral-potential content - Create an effective pre-sell for any affiliate offer - Design high CTR ad creatives on Facebook - Create a simple but effective FB ads campaign Price & Upsells This funnel is designed to over-deliver on value, surprise & delight, also provide the highest EPCs possible: FRONT-END:   Earlybird pricing will be $14.95 for the first 4hrs of the launch, then bumped to $17.00.  Quantum Commissions teaches a classic " moneypage " strategy that was popular in the late 2,000s but became less popular as SEO algorithm cha

Resurge Review

What the Resurge really is? Resurge is an all-natural, supplement that addresses the one key problem to weight loss that most fitness brands seem to be attention! It will helps you fix problems with your sleep by: Helping you fall off to sleep By helping you stay asleep By improving the quality of your sleep By helping promote deep sleep, also called Stage 3 and 4 sleep. So, is it like a sleeping pill? No. Absolutely not. Resurge is herbal, it is non-habit forming, and definitely not addictive. Rather than calling it a sleep aid, I would say that it’s an anti-aging nutritional protocol that helps balance out our hormones and in the process, helps us sleep, lose weight, look better and feel energetic. Which brand makes Resurge? Resurge was founded by John Barban, a Nutritionist, Biologist and Fitness Coach who has also authored numerous books and fitness programs on weight loss, holistic living and functional fitness. John’s story was the opposite of m

Mailvio Review (update)

What is the Mailvio really is? (warning : this is not for newbie!) This is a full-service autoresponder with Active Campaign style automation and built-in SMTP (in partnership with an 8-figure company!) . Plus it also includes built-in SMS capability (1,000 text credits are provided, future credits can be purchased via us). What's the difference between Mailvio launch (from November) and Mailvio 25k? - The more obvious one is - new testimonials, social proof (inboxing over 2M emails a month from Mailvio) But offer wise: Mailvio 25k is a simpler offer. Everyone gets a limit of 25k contacts to which they can send unlimited emails. Previous system was credits based and it was a bit confusing for people. Mailvio 25k includes the SMS feature. Plus we give 1,000 text messages as part of the purchase. No need for Twilio or any other integration. We have double your money back guarantee. If we cannot beat open % from your current autoresponder, we will re

Vidtoon Review

    What the Vidtoon Really is? This Is An Easy Drag & Drop Animated Video Maker 5 Minute "Simple Side-Hustle" Vids In Any Niche Prices & Up-Sells Front End - 2 Options: Personal License: $19.97 10 HD chars with 10 animations per char 34 HD backgrounds 10 Music Tracks Free or Realistic Google TTS Text 2 Speech Works in any language or niche Record or import your own voice over. Transitions and Effects Flip objects Zero video conversion costs and no monthly costs Flip or move objects from A to B. Can install on 1 computer Commercial License: $27.00 25 HD chars with 30 animations per char. 34 HD backgrounds. 200 Music Tracks. Free or Realistic Google TTS Text 2 Speech. Works in any language or niche Record or import your own voice over. + 200 Sales Graphic element. Transitions and Effects Flip or move objects from A to B. Zero video conversion costs and no monthly costs. Can install on up to 10 computers OTO1: VidToon Pro