Magic Submitter Review

What the Magic Submitter really is?
Magic submitter will help you to do very efficiency various tasks of online marketing building.
It is both time consuming and exhausting to visit multiple websites just for the purpose of submission of links and content to promote your online business. Fortunately, magic submitter has been created to help with all your submission efforts.
Who is the Creator of Magic Submitter?
Magic Submitter was created by Alex Krulik, who is an online marketing veteran with over 15 years’ experience in affiliate marketing. Alex is a programmer and has created several scripts and programs for online marketing. He has also produced marketing software and tools to solve all Internet marketing problems. He is best known for creating the Magic Article Rewriter Tool.
Magic submitter is packed with tools and features to help with various tasks involved in online marketing including:

– Blog Marketing: Submit your content to hundred of high Page Rank blogs that direct traffic to your website or blog. Keep in mind that blogs depend on content for traffic, which means that your content will have a wider audience that translates to increased page views and back links.
– Video Bookmarking: The Magic Submitter software submits your content to numerous video sharing platforms including Vimeo, YouTube, and others. You don’t actually have to upload any video content, just find related videos and the software will do the rest.
– Social Bookmarking: Magic Submitter software can help you go viral on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, among many others. Social media is a marketing bandwagon that you don’t want to miss.
– Bookmarking: The software allows you to bookmark hundreds of links to websites that you would like to keep track of. You will thus have an opportunity to track, bookmark, and manage activities and actions that you perform on the websites you love.
– Search Engine Pinging: If you have a relatively new website or blog, it might take some time for the search engines to known of its existence and rank it. With the pinging functionality of the tool, it is possible to increase your visibility and chances of ranking highly.

How Does Magic Submitter Work?

Using this software is quite easy. The first step is creating your profile and email addresses, which the software creates automatically without using any browser. Activating your accounts comes next. You don’t have to worry because you don’t have to visit each account manually since all it takes is a click of a button on the software.
The next step after creating and activating your account is content creation. It is advisable to use spin syntax in the title, body, and even the description since it allows the software to generate unique content for each website that it submits contents to.
You have a variety of options when it comes to backlink creation including video sites, article directories, press release website, among many others. You can choose any of them and it will display the websites in order of page rank and your content will be distributed to the websites with the click of a button.
Services Offered
Magic submitter offers a variety of services including:
– Video submission
– RSS submission
– Mail services
– Submission to blogs
– Syndication Site submission
– Bookmarking services
– Article directory submission
– PDF Sharing website, Microblog submission
– High PR site submission
Magic Submitter Link Targets
The following is a brief overview of the number of websites that you can potentially get backlinks from, using the software:
– 18 Press Release Websites
– 878 Expression Engine Profiles
– 16 RSS Directories
– 31 Free Web 2.0 Blogs
– 156 Social Bookmarking Websites
– 50 Article Directories
– 8 PDF Sharing Websites
– 80 Micro-Blogging Websites
– 255 WordPress Article Directories
– 63 Video Sharing Websites
It is also worth noting the magic submitter actually lets you add your own custom list of websites that you can submit to. If you have ScrapeBox as well as the patience to set up and customize your profiles, the number of websites that Magic Submitter can actually submit to is almost limitless.

Magic Submitter Pros & Cons

1. Quality Seller: Alex Krulik is a person that can be trusted as clearly shown in the profile provided above. If his staff get overwhelmed with work he gets involved by answering queries himself. He is an incredibly involved individual at all times.
2. Freeing Up Your Time: Online marketing involves a lot of work and you always need all the help you can get. The Magic Submitter software helps free up so much of your time since the submission process would otherwise take several hours if you were to do it yourself.
3. Cost Savings: Besides freeing up your time so that you can focus on other aspects relating to the running of your business, Magic Submitter helps you save money that you would otherwise have to pay individually for all the services it does automatically.
4. Selection of Websites to Submit to: Magic Submitter software also provides the list of URLs that are submitted to allow you to energize them or back link them at a later time for quick promotion.
Note: It is important to ensure that you have a good proxy or change IP addresses frequently when using the software to ensure that you are never banned or blocked and all the back links that you promote are never penalized or un-backlinked, which can be disastrous to your SEO efforts.
5. Low Cost: Magic Submitter comes with a $4.95 first month trial and $67 each month after that or one time payment for only $297



Learning Curve: You will face a learning curve when you are trying to learn how to use the software. However, this is to be expected when trying to learn something new that you have never tried or used before. Fortunately, Magic Submitter provides full access to a full training library to teach you how to use it properly as well as monthly Live Q&A trainings.
The best use of any product is only possible with the help of tutorials. Magic Submitter provides support to all its users courtesy of forums where existing users can solve the problems that new users face. If this does not solve the problem, there is a support team to do it with even the creator himself chipping in at times.



The Magic Submitter provides:

*Free Support Desk 
*Free Interactive Forum

*Free Video Training Vault: You will find about 60 training courses to help you learn how to use the Magic Submitter tool without the need to contact the support team.
*Free Live Coaching: Live coaching sessions are provided every month to guide both new and existing users about how to make the most of the software.
*Free Software Updates: With Magic Submitter, you never have to worry about using the latest version because you will receive free software updates once you buy the software.
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