Triple Clicks Review

Save money, have fun, and win GUARANTEED prizes bidding on a wide selection of popular products!

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TripleClicks is the online shopping platform that run by SFI where referral make purchases using your tracking ID. Just like other online retailers, you can find all sorts of products for sale there.

Besides ecommerce, triple clicks can be comparable to eBay but the difference is just it having it penny auctions known as pricebender. it is called a one stop site because one can play games, shop and also take part in penny auctions.

How TripleClicks works

Tripleclicks is one of the fastest growing ecommerce site in the world now and it cater for all nationalities. To be a member of the site is 100% free signup. In order to take part in the site autction, you will first need to buy Tcredit from the site. 

Tcredit are available for every member you can purchase with few cents to dollars depending on the package you need. Tcredit can be used to add products for sale on Tripleclicks. Anyone can also bid on any item in the penny auction area of pricebender
If you are a seller on Tripleclicks, after sales of a product or items, the money paid by the buyer goes straight to your Tripleclicks account and the money can be used in two ways. You can use it almost immediately to buy any item on the site if you need to do some purchases or you request for cash by making a withdrawal for cash out but with this there will be a fee to pay and there remaining balance will be transferred to your preferred payment option. 

How to make & save money on TripleClicks
There are so many ways of making money on Tripleclicks. This could be directly or indirectly
  • Through selling your product or items for profit
  • Through auction buying, money can be saved
  • You can save money from buyingTcredit which is as low as $0.29 unlike other sites that such is bought from $0.60 and above.
  • You can make money from buying or using the penny auction and then reselling for a good profit margin
  • You can make money from being an affiliate with the site ECA program. This is about just creating a personal store on the site , you list items on it and when you sell, you get paid. This program is absolutely free for everyone.
Triple Clicks Pros & Cons :

  • The auctions are very cheap price
  • It is a multinational site
  • All sorts of items are sold on the site
  • Free to join

 *The site games are time consuming
 *The site is slow 

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