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Mailvio Review

The Next Generation of Email Marketing is live 

What is Mailvio? 

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 Mailvio helps you increase your sales by getting personal with your leads. With tags, dynamic audience response, and geo-tracking - you can make each of your leads feel as if each email was crafted specifically for them.

Mailvio is a full-service autoresponder with Active Campaign style automation and built-in SMTP (in partnership with an 8-figure company!)
Mailvio helps you increase your sales by getting personal with your leads. With tags, dynamic audience response, and geo-tracking – you can make each of your leads feel as if each email was crafted specifically for them.

You can check demo video below :


To see clearly how wonderful this Mailvio can be, I would like to guide you through the feature highlights where you can find what you can do with this autoresponder and how special it can be to stand out from the crowd:

1. Creating Emails:

*Ready-to-go, time-saving email templates

*Build your perfect email from scratch with your bespoke drag n’ drop email builder

*Putting Your Best Campaign Forward

*Quickly work out your best performing campaigns with automatic A/B split testing

*Speak to your customers like a friend and increase your engagement with dynamic email personalization

2. Advanced Yet Easy Effective Automation:

*Be a total pro with easy to set up and manage workflow automations

*Customise your workflows to suit your every need: Create both evergreen and longterm flows

*Choose from a multitude of effective workflow actions

3. Segment and Hyper-Target Your Campaigns:

*Easy (Yet advanced) segmentation gives you total flexibility to target exactly the groups  you want for optimum results and maximum profits

*Pick one list or pick multiple lists to mail

*Smart Scheduling and Personalization

*Hands free campaign scheduling: Automatically send at the perfect time. 
  Every time Give that personal touch with the option to prepare each campaign uniquely

*Keep your customers for life by personalizing your unsubscription page

*Perfect Your Emails For All Mediums At A Glance

4. Contacts and Leads:

*Adding new contacts and uploading lists couldn’t be faster or easier

*Store and utilize everything you know about your customers in one place with contact customisation

*Easily create opt-in forms to gather more leads in a flash

*Achieve Sending Perfection:
 Create multiple email senders
 Test for perfection by creating and managing a test list
 Perfectly organise your business with smart folders

5.Reporting and Statistics:

*Check out all your important campaign statistics with just one glance

*Event Logs: Check out all your important event statistics with just a glance

*Email report summary

*Easily find out where all your customers and sales are coming from

*See exactly which of your links are getting all the attention with their live click tracker map

Let’s Have A Look At Just How Well It Shapes Up To Our Competition

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