CB Passive Income Review

This Is The Proven System That Takes Care 90% Of Your Work To Wildly Succeed In Internet Marketing This Year

What is CB Passive Income ?

Start in 2013, Patric Chan launched the CB Passive Income License Program. 
And in 2019, new CB Passive Income to release THE ELITE, which is the system that solve all of the flaws of the previous version and enhance it with coaching.

With this program, you're cloning the proven Clickbank affiliate business, but with your OWN BRAND AND WITH TOTAL CONTROL.

When you choose to use this system, you will get an exact clone of Patric Chan proven, successful business with the potential to generate a passive income through it!

So Here's How It Works:
This is a very unique software system that allows you to make money by using valuable and successful webpages, content and promotions.

Basically, the software creates your webpage where your website visitors can access my highly valuable software, course or eBooks for free.

You simply give away the software, courses and eBooks that have been proven

*BUT* these have been REBRANDED to become "yours". None of the products will have Patric name.

After someone subscribes, they will become your subscribers. The good news is, I'll be giving you CONTENT and email promos that you can simply copy-and-paste to send them to start earning ClickBank affiliate commissions!

And in the entire process, you keep your subscribers. It's 100% yours and you get to keep all of the commissions you're making.

With this program, you're cloning my proven Clickbank affiliate business, but with your OWN BRAND AND WITH TOTAL CONTROL.

When you choose to use this system, you will get an exact clone proven, successful business with the potential to generate a passive income through it!

Because all done and taken care all of these for you...

What will you learn & implementing?

Component #1: 4 X 4 Training And Coaching
For 4 weeks, you'll be trained on how to use the CB Passive Income Elite System to make money online and build your own list to become a top affiliate.

You do not need to attend live, it'll be available inside the "customer area" so that you can access it at any time that's convenient for you.

The 4 weeks training will cover...
Module #1: Elite System Walkthrough
The uniqueness of CB Passive Income Elite is having the unfair advantage of building your affiliate marketing business without creating your own webpage, content or writing your email promotions. They are all done-for-you, which we'll be covered in the next 3 components.

But at the same time, you'll need the right training on how to use all of these amazing shortcuts to launch your online business within 7 days.

The goal is to get your business up and running within the first week itself!

Can you imagine that within a week, you will be live with an online business that belongs to you?
Module #2: Monetization Strategies
After the first week's training, once your online business is ready, we're going to jump into the monetization strategies - HOW to make money online with ClickBank and other methods. 

The best part is, once this is set in motion, you could be getting affiliate sales by Module #3!
Module #3: Proven Traffic Formulas
In Module #3, you'll learn how to promote your webpage to start building your list and of course, to generate affiliate sales!

However, this traffic training is VERY DIFFERENT than any you've experienced. The reason is, Patric will sharing based on HOW he built over 100,000 subscribers specifically for CB Passive Income in the past. Therefore, you're not getting theories but proven strategies have tested.

He will sharing with you the EXACT traffic source we use, show you my ads, swipe copies, EVERYTHING that we've done to get targeted traffic every day!

Also, the training is structured to be step-by-step so that you can follow it easily and these methods have been proven time and time again to be effective. 

With this knowledge, you’ll never run out of prospects to reach for your internet business.
Module #4: Next Level Affiliate Strategies
After you've learned how to use the system and start profiting, you'll going to learn you 3 advanced strategies including...

1. How to compete in affiliate product launches to win contest prizes
2. Secret methods to build a mailing list by using Facebook
3. An advance strategy to generate bigger affiliate paychecks without working harder
4X Online Coaching Classes
Once you've completed the 4 modules, you'll get to attend 4 additional online coaching classes where available to review your progress and your marketing campaigns. This is also your opportunity to ask questions live!

By having these additional 4 coaching sessions will help you to overcome any challenge to get started and obviously, to start making money online as fast as possible.

Component #2: Your Instant Turnkey Webpages
You’ll be given clone 4 of my secret webpages that are ready-to-go, meaning, you DO NOT need to do anything else with it, other than fill in your own info.

We’ll handle all the technicalities of the web page including the hosting fees.

On top of that, we’ll constantly be updating your website on your behalf to give you the highest performance and conversion.

There's an entire back-end software system to track the stats of your lead conversion, so you’ll also be able to see the number of visitors to your website and how many subscribers you have in the system (to track if your traffic source is targeted or not).

But here are the 3 highlights...
1. They Have Been Proven To Convert
These are the webpages we've used for CB Passive Income that have been tested with more than 200,000 clicks to them! We're only including the webpages and offers that have been proven to convert for you.
2. There Is No Branding On Them
When you use these webpages, they do not have CB Passive Income or my brand. It's as if you have "white label" on all of them. So, when you're using them, it's as good as your own. In fact, some of the pages will automatically have your name on it to show your "ownership" and enabling you to build your own brand!
3. You Do Not Need To Create The Offer
In order to persuade the website visitors to subscribe to your list, there must be an offer - a free gift product to entice people to opt-in. The good news is, each of the webpages will have its own offer/product to be given away and all of the offers have been proven to convert.

The fact is, our free gift products are highly valuable to attract leads. It would probably cost you around $1,500 if you were to hire a writer to create this kind of content. 

This is not counting the software we've prepared for you to give away for free...

The Free Gift Products are already “integrated” with your clone webpage. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING AS IT'S ALL AUTOMATED – Patric take care of everything behind the scenes for you.

As mentioned earlier, there will be no CB Passive Income or "Patric Chan" brand, they'll be "yours".

Component #3: The Content Engine Software
For the past years, one of the many powerful strategies we have used to build strong relationship with our subscribers and generate ClickBank commissions passively is by producing high quality reports.

With CB Passive Income Elite, you'll be able to customize over 50 reports and mini-eBooks we've created. This way, you don't even need to be an expert on the topic of internet marketing or online business...

You don't need to create your own content or even hiring any writer.

Also, these are not those lousy ghost-written reports that are available everywhere - these are reports and eBooks that I'm proud to put my name on it and to give to my own subscribers.
1. Produced In Just 2 Steps And In Less Than 5 Minutes!
When you're inside our Content Engine Software, it'll only take 2 steps to produce 50 reports with your own website URL and ClickBank ID in each report!

Even if you use one a week, the reports are enough for almost one year of content!
2. Profit From Your Reports Passively
Not only they will be branded with your website URL, if the reports are recommending any ClickBank products, the reports will also be embedded with your ClickBank affiliate ID! Which means, each of the reports will have the potential of passively generating affiliate commissions.

This a ninja affiliate marketing secret that we've been using for years now.

Component #4: Email Swipe Files Library
Even if you do not know what ClickBank products to promote...

Do not have the expertise to write email promotions...

Or simply, do not have the time to write them...

Your problem is solved with Component #4! With this component, you'll be able to access the library of over 200 + emails I've written. All you need to do is "copy-and-paste" to profit insanely.

These are the EMAILS personally used for the past years for CB Passive Income to help at least 2,892 customers to make money online.

In the swipe files, including the emails that promote the reports that you can give away for free!

Imagine this:

You need to send an email tomorrow.

Go to the Email Swipe Files Library and choose one that you want to use.

Copy and paste - your work's done. 

But do you know what's even more interesting? 

You could schedule these emails to go out for the next 3 months so you can automate your online business to generate passive income commissions!

Component #5: Done-For-You Funnels

The hottest marketing strategy for the past few years, especially in 2019 is FUNNELING and in the CB Passive Income Elite, you'll now be able to CLONE my proven funnels.

These are the same funnels I've built to help thousands of CB Passive Income customers to make money online on auto-pilot.

So here's how it works...

Each of the Instant Turnkey Webpage comes with its own funnel - so if you don't have your own funnel, you can start by activating the Done-For-You Funnels inside the system.

A Solid Instant Internet Business

You’re truly building a real solid business here with CB Passive Income, WITHOUT the high cost of development and so on.

This is all automatically integrated within the software system.

If it wasn’t for this system, you would need to hire designers, content writers, a copywriter and even an email marketer! There are heavy costs involved, it’s just that these are “waived” for you when you get CB Passive Income Elite today.

CB Passive Income Pros and Cons


  • It works for everybody, who don't want to build websites or write content. It's not easy to write a good quality content.
  • Your email marketing system automatically sends promotional emails to your subscribers.
  • It's a proven & solid system for 6 years, and it also comes with a comprehensive training program.
  • There are no upsells.
  • It comes with new bonuses (coaching program)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The product not designed for content marketers who rely on organic traffic.
  • It needs more variety of pre-designed web pages to minimize competition among affiliates.
Before you decided to buy, it's better to attend Patric Chan free online workshop. You can access here right now ...

 get instant access

In my opinion this is one of the best Clickbank product making money online niche you should buy cause almost everything is done for you to support your success.

And if you decided to join CB Passive Income program, you can claim your bonuses here.

Thank you for reading this cb passive income review. Godbless you.

Check your special bonuses below :

Traffic Splitter

Advertising online results to be costlier as it involves many quality solo ads. And, sometimes these ads just don’t perform as well as you might have hoped. But in order to get traffic for your business you will need them. So, do you want to reduce the cost and risk of advertising online?
If yes, then you need to find other webmasters selling something similar and then split the cost of the advertising with them. Traffic Splitter is the one that will work for you.  

Blog Profits Guide

A report shows that businesses with blogs enjoys more visitors and more indexed pages than their blogless counterparts. Today blogging is one of the easiest and one of the most powerful tools of sharing professional information on the internet.
This comprehensive guide to blogging will help you discover the proven an tested steps to blogging from start up to making money with your blog, starting today.

Animation 4K Stock Videos

Videos are vital for every marketer as it becomes easy for the audience to understand the concepts as compared to text. And marketers willing to make it big in digital marketing world should have a complete understanding of the power of video as a marketing tool.
Animation 4K Stock Videos gives you a complete stock of animation and videos that you can use as background video on your sales pages, Squeeze Pages or Landing Pages to enhance its appearance.

The Complete Guide to JVs

Are you currently in the process of approaching a big-name marketer in a way that almost guarantees you get the JV that you want? This ultimate software will help you begin the JV process to ensure that everything goes exactly the way YOU want it.

Traffic & SEO For Your Business

It’s an undeniable fact that traffic and search engine optimization is the key to unleashing the success for every online business. Higher targeted traffic directly leads to higher conversion and increased sales.
With this guide you will learn all about optimizing your website and getting traffic. You will be able to build search engine friendly pages and increase the flow of traffic to your website.  

Joint Venture Marketing

JV marketing secrets are so competitive & most marketers quietly keep these all-important secrets to themselves. But if you want to move forward, there are some techniques you must know and apply in order to get best results.
So, to enable you to get these benefits, this guide states major factors that can start your JV efforts on the right foot and the types of Joint Ventures that are better for a specific situation.  

Bloggers Revenge

Are you searching ways to create high profit blogs that will stand up to any change in the search engines?
With Bloggers Revenge uncover the secret formula to unstoppable profits by running successful blogs. These instant optimization tactics that will skyrocket your income and boost your ranking.

Traffic Meltdown

We all want more and more traffic to our grow our businesses. Increased audience is the only medium to sort out the leads into paying customers to your product or service offers.
This guide help you learn the process of traffic generation very easily so that you can get your work started without any hindrance.  

Social Supremacy Shift

Business networking serves a lot of functions like sales, general marketing, enrolling, job-hunting, knowledge commutation, and business development. The right networking is one of the best way to move forward easily in your business growth.
With this report you will be able to grab various online networking ideas, hints on how to make the most of them and all about marketing with online networks.

Affiliate Army Secrets

Affiliate marketing is the lifeblood of every business to prosper and get best results for their efforts. To increase profitability of your business you must set up affiliate promos with the right mix of top products to needy customers.
Keeping this in mind, here’s an exclusive package that helps you to learn affiliate marketing, and how to make its best use to get results. You can also solve many of your doubts related to affiliate marketing businesses.

Affiliate Money Machine

Affiliate programs are now very much part and parcel of every online business. Now, if you too are willing to set to build your own affiliate empire, then you’re at the right place.
The Affiliate Money Machine will show you the exact steps needed to make money online promoting other people’s products. You’ll also discover secret tips and tricks to make the most out of affiliate marketing.

Facebook Webinar Pro Plugin

Facebook now offers advertisers a growing set of advanced ad solutions that help generate real, measurable business results for mobile and canvas campaigns. With this powerful plugin, you can create amazing webinar landing pages inside of Facebook.
There is no limit on how many Facebook webinar pages you can create, create one for all your clients on ONE plugin install.

Affiliate List Pro

As an online advertiser, you know the importance of web traffic and how expensive it can be to secure. The cost of SEO and other customer acquisition methods continues to increase. To get rid of the expensive you might be looking for cost effective, low-risk ways to increase your web traffic and grow your business.
To enable you to come out easily with all these perils, checkout this software that helps you to build your own list through your affiliate links – all on autopilot.

Social Media Domination

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and these days it is one of the single biggest factors that a marketer can use to build their digital empire.
Social Media Domination will help you to use the power of social media and build an audience that will love your brand. You will easily learn the steps, methods and techniques to setting yourself up
 for success on the top social media platforms.

More bonuses check here!


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